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Curative activities

Kalimati Chest Hospital

NATA runs Kalimati Chest Hospital established in 1970. It is 25 bedded and provides quality service for serious and complicated cases requiring hospitalization, concentrated cure and indoor services. Efforts are underway to run it as a full-fledged respiratory hospital.

DOTS an Drug Resistance (DR) TB Management Services

NATA runs DOTS clinics and provides DR TB management services. Under DR TB management, it provides Drug Susceptibility Testing (TST) and other biochemical tests and refers the clients to DR hostels for concentrated treatment, support and care if necessary.

DR Hostel

NATA runs two hostels (Kathmandu and Morang) with full package of lodging and food for MDR TB patients. These hostels treat MDR patients living away from home with concentrated support, care and balance diet. NATA provides various income generating skill development trainings to MDR patients in order to support them for their living.

Global Fund Programme

NATA as a sub Recipient (SR) under GFATM Programme provides Drug Resistant (DR) TB management services, DR Hostels facilities, LSP support, HIV counseling and testing services, DST and other laboratory services, DR referral clinic services and carries out ACSM (Advocacy communication & Social Mobilization) activities.