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AreaTitleLocationDeadline DatePosted DateStatus
GoodsRequest for Sealed Quotation for Chemical ItemsKalimati2021-9-232021-9-17Active
Goods Quotations of Cleaning ItemsKalimati2021-9-152021-9-9Expire
ServiceSealed Quotation for GPA and Medical InsuranceKalimati2021-8-312021-8-25Expire
ServiceRequest for Re-Sealed Quotation for repair and maintainance (DR hostel Kitchen Tiling and Hospital Toilet Tiling)Kalimati2021-8-12021-7-26Expire
NoticeSuchi Darta 2078/79Kalimati2021-7-152021-7-1Expire
ServiceSealed Quotation for Repair and maintainance of DR hostel kitchen tiling and hospital toilet tilingKalimati2021-6-292021-6-23Expire
GoodsTender for Purchase Supply and Delivery of Food ItemsKalimati2021-7-62021-6-22Expire
GoodsRFQ for supply and delivery of nutritional food powderKalimati2021-6-272021-6-21Expire
GoodsRequest for Sealed Quotation for supply delivery and installation of air conditionerKalimati2021-6-272021-6-21Expire
Goods Request for Sealed Quotation for Cleaning ItemsKalimati2021-5-192021-5-13Expire
GoodsTender Notice for PPE Item ProcurementKalimati2021-5-272021-5-13Expire
GoodsRequest for sealed quotation for the design ,printing, supply and delivery of calender and bulletineKalimati2021-2-282021-2-22Expire
NoticeEmergency Notice forTender opening date of Immune Analyser and Twin CubatorKalimati2021-2-4Expire
GoodsTender for Supply,Delivery and Installation of Immune Analyser and Twin CubatorKalimati2021-2-32021-1-28Expire
GoodsSealed Quotation for PPE ItemsKalimati2021-1-172021-1-11Expire
GoodsRequest for sealed quotation for furniture itemsKalimati2020-12-232020-12-16Expire
ServiceRequest for sealed quotation of Video Drama Airing on National TelevisionKalimati2020-12-222020-12-16Expire
ServiceRequest for Sealed quotation for Repair and Maintainance of DR Hostel and OPD ClinicKalimati2020-12-222020-12-16Expire
ServiceRequest for sealed quotation for repair and maintainance of patients toiletKalimati2020-12-222020-12-16Expire
ServiceSealed Quotation for PSA Airing on National FM StationsKalimati2020-11-272020-11-19Expire
ServiceRequest for Sield quotation for video drama making for broadcasting on National TelivisionKalimati2020-11-272020-11-19Expire
ServiceSealed Quotation of Video display on National televisionKalimati2020-9-272020-9-21Expire
GoodsRequest for Sealed Quotation for supply delivery and installation of IT equipmentKalimati2020-9-242020-9-18Expire
GoodsRe_Sealed Quotation of Supply and Delivery of Nutritional Food PowderKalimati and Morang2020-9-212020-9-15Expire
GoodsRequest for Sealed Quotation for PPEKalimati2020-8-272020-8-20Expire
GoodsRequest for sealed quotation of nutritional food powder Kalimati and Morang2020-8-272020-8-20Expire
ServiceRequest for Sealed Quotation for Video MakingKalimati2020-8-242020-8-17Expire
ServiceRequest of Sealed Quotation for Insurance for StaffKalimati2020-8-242020-8-17Expire
Service Transportation of IEC MaterialsKalimati2020-08-032020-07-28Expire
GoodsSeald Quotation for Medical EquipmentKalimati2020-07-132020-07-07Expire
GoodsRequest for Seal Quotation of PPE itemsKalimati2020-07-13 2020-07-07 Expire
ServiceRequest for Re-Quotation for GPA and Medical InsuranceKalimati2020-07-132020-07-07Expire
Services and GoodsSuchi Darta Notice and Supplier registration form 2077/78Kalimati2077-04-042077-3-21Expire